CEO Philosophies: Personal Guidelines

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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1.How would you use the Strategic Planning Model to approach post-graduation "identification and securing" of the most promising position? 0r does the Strategic Planning Model stifle or enhance the strategic creativity of strong, direct individuals? I would use the strategic planning model very similar as I would if I were using it for a business planning tool. The only difference would be a slight deviation on the objectives. Instead of being a corporate objective, I would cut that down into smaller categories and identify how it would benefit me while still being considered a great asset to the company. In the end, I would compare and contrast my findings. See below.

1.) Step 1: Prepare for planning (overall strategy for all opportunities) – Decide what needs to be looked at, what highlights I have, what opportunities are available and locations. Who should be involved? Define all expectations. 2.) Step 2: Vision for employment (overall strategy for all opportunities) - Define the perfect or ideal position. 3.) Step 3: SWOT (need to do for each independent opportunity) – 360 scan of each company where employment has potential. Where are the strengths and weaknesses of the company? Where are the threats? Is there potential to move up the ladder? Look at external and internal (if available) factors. Research before, ask during interview. 4.) Step 4: Context (need to do for each independent opportunity) – What is the area like? Is the community economically stable or not? Is the town/city the company is located in growing. What will the commuting time be like? Research before, ask during interview. 5.) Step 5: Mission (need to do for each independent opportunity) – Does the mission statement of the company or department align with my personal goals. Can I see myself delivering on the criteria the statement is giving to its consumers? Research before, ask during interview. 6.) Step 6: Problem Statement (need to do for each independent...
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