Leadership Control Mechanism

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  • Published : August 5, 2008
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Leadership Control Mechanism
There is a delicate balance between having control in a work setting and creating and maintaining a positive work environment. Control is defined as any process that directs the activities of individuals toward the achievement of goals. Controlling is an essential part of management, however there is a point when there may be too much control or not enough. There are different types of control including bureaucratic, market and clan (Baitman, Snell, 2004). There is no one standard type of control method to use as much as it is situational when to use each type. Creating and maintaining a positive work environment is about providing employees with a workplace that is supportive, encouraging and treating people with respect and dignity. Having control and a positive work environment are not necessarily competing forces in fact some control methods can help facilitate a positive work environment. Strong working relationships or people skills, delegation and effective communication are skills that support both keeping control and maintaining a positive work environment. In any work environment there is a necessity to have management. Whether the management is present to provide a structure or leadership; in many cases both. There are many pros and cons to different members of management but to pinpoint the person that is ultimately accountable for any issues would be to find the head of operations, the manager. Managers have the responsibility to assign and delegate tasks and projects to the people that they see fit. With this responsibility, managers also have the choice not to assign or delegate and become more involved in projects.

When mangers do maintain too much control over plans and projects the outcome can be disastrous. For example you have workers that for years have been assigning out projects or plans to personnel that have the experience in doing them. The operation runs smoothly and when help is needed, no one is...
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