Leadership Management

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Understand the communication process

1.Identify two key stages in the communication process. (2 marks) The two key stages in the communication process are the sender who sends the message and the recipient who receives the message. Eg: when I send message to my friend I become the sender and when she receives the message she becomes the receiver.

2.Identify two barriers to communication and briefly explain how these two barriers can be overcome.(4 marks) The two barriers to communication are insufficient preparation and noisy environment.

To overcome preparation barriers we need to plan ahead and prepare before communicating. We need to figure out what we are planning to deliver and whether we need feedback or not .And also thinking about the recipient reaction and the communication media they might have so that you can choose the best media to communicate. And to overcome noisy environment barrier we need to hold the meeting in the meeting room if it is face-to-face communication, while talking on the phone we can go to a less noisy place and communicate.

Understanding methods of communication

3.List two methods of communication that you could use with your team and state when it would be appropriate to use each of the methods you have listed (4 marks) The two methods of communication that I can use in our team are face-to-face communication and leaving messages on the notice board. We can use face-to-face communication on giving briefing about what we are planning to do today which we do every morning before opening the Nursery. This way we can communicate well with each other and can receive feedbacks so that everyone knows their role for the day .And we can use notice board to leave messages to the parents and staffs as well .We can give them notice on what days...
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