Leadership and Management Effectiveness: A Multi-Frame, Multi-Sector Analysis

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Part one leadership and management effectiveness: a multi-frame, multi-sector analysis 1. What have I learned that I didn’t know before?
From this article, I began to knew that many complex process and perspectives that I didn’t know before. For example, the human resources frame is a new perspective on the leadership. This frame believes that one person focuses on the values and personal feelings. Another symbolic frame (the symbolic frame) focuses on the establishment of myth, ritual and ceremony. And, there is a comprehensive perspective which combines every kind of framework that can be used to illustrate the leadership effectiveness. 2. What did the reading and class discussions confirm that I already knew? From the reading, I confirmed that the leadership is a complex process. This process needs prudent studies of these two aspects: the qualitative method and the quantitative method. And in the common management, the structural and human resource frames are used extensively. 3. How would/could I apply this content to my workplace?

Two kinds of conclusion from the reading and discussion can be used in my later career: firstly, it is very important to focus on the feature of organizations and personnel, because the factors of leadership and management effectives are complicated. Secondly, it is critical for the management to carry out researches on the organizational situations and goals. The management based on different frames may lead to different performance.

This article is about the analysis of leadership and management effectiveness based on the multi-frame, multi-sector aspect.

Firstly, the author introduced the problem of effective leaders obtained from the case of Roger Smith and illustrates various questions from scholars of organizational management, especially the questions on how the organizations work.

Secondly, the author discussed various frames that can be applied in the daily management and common analysis. There are...
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