The Signinficanceof Leadership in Healthcare

Topics: Leadership, Management, Nursing Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: September 28, 2011
“Leadership is a prerequisite for effective management without leadership skills one cannot be an effective manager” Tappen (1985). For the purpose of this assignment the types and characteristics of leadership will be discussed. The author will briefly review the theories of leadership. Particular emphasis will be placed on the difference between transactional and transformational leadership and how it is relevant in modern nursing. The author will also explore why nursing leadership and management is vital in today’s healthcare environment and how changes in healthcare have influenced leadership and management in modern nursing. Tappen (2001) identifies the difference between management and leadership as follows: There is a close relationship between the concepts of leadership and management. Management is a formal specifically designated position within an organization. Each department and clinical area has a manager who is responsible for the organization of that specific area. Tappen (2001) states “leadership is an unofficially achieved position that may be assumed by more than one person at any one time. Tappen suggests that management is an assigned role, leadership is an attained one”. The literature also acknowledges the concept that all people have untapped leadership potential (Tichy1997). It is also acknowledged in the literature reviewed and it highlights that that there is confusion regarding the difference between leadership and management (Carney 1999). It is suggested that they are one and the same thing but the management role is task orientated, while the leadership role is team orientated. None the less both concepts are pivotal in the delivery of health care. Watson (cited by Beech 2002) identifies a useful distinction between management and leadership, using the 7Sframework: managers rely on strategy, structures and systems . Leaders use an approach involving style , staff, skill and shared goals. To be effective leaders and managers in the...
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