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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Leadership Development Portfolio

P r o j e c t A s s i g n m e n t



Lecturer :
Section & Semester : Section , Sem , 2012/2013
Date of submission : 28/2/2013

Table of Contents



Leadership development portfolio - 90% Comprising of three element

Part 1 - Awareness through Leader Self insights (500 words)
* Self-assessments using 33 Leader Self-Insights (student select from 6 and evaluate)

Part 2 - Introspection and Reflection through Personal mission statement (500 words) * Students are required to write a personal statement comprising (1) mission, (2) Value, (3) Goals, and (4) Implementation Plan (action steps)

Part 3 - Integration and Extension: Personal Model and Theories of leadership With Development Plan (approx. 3000 words)

* Students are required to (1) create a personal model drawing from parts (1) and (2)

* Discuss Theory in Use (unconscious behaviours ) and Espoused theory (conscious beliefs/statements) regarding personal/effective leadership,

* Discuss 'emergent' discussions and theories in relation to leadership. identify gaps in leadership potential (align Theories in use and Espoused theories) using concepts such as single-loop and double loop learning.

* Develop a personal leadership development plan with specific steps for completion

Contribution —10% On-going observation by tutors and evidence of on-time attendance preparation, contribution, support, completion of formative assignments, and development (lectures and tutorials/labs)

Minimum Pass Mark - 40%

My leadership stature envisions encompassing larger aspect of the leadership development. The leadership maintains to aim preeminence in its respective field of work. Its objectivity revolves around innovation and creativity of its own bona fide programs. Its indigenous introspection and reflection helps to perform and raise level and quality of work. Steady progression of tasks undertaken is to be ensured. Establishment and enhancement of management-worker relationship; and curtailment of gap between the management, workers and its associates is envisaged. With soaring aims in sight leadership can sought to be a successful and beneficial leadership. Having the quality of being visionary is a huge blessing for a leader. I perceive personal model of a leader which trickles down the dynamism and consistence in work provides functionality and ambition among the work force. Ambitiously working with undeterred vigor sends down positivity to workforce under the leadership and helps generating efficient productive environment. Relentless disciplined efforts are the core missions. Adequate planning and exemplary leadership execute training programs for leaders of the future leaders. Workshops circumscribing wider aspect are integral part of the training program and bring organization into the retrospect. Such generous and exemplary leadership is to formulate and improvise communicative and soft skills. There are certain values which are most valued as a leader, it requires undeterred motivation, constant learning and discipline, And my goal is to retain such values then in this regard it’s likely that customers and employees will also get these values to some extent in this regard. The kind of person one needs to be in order to become a successful and goal achiever requires confidence in one’s ability and the ability to be backed by firm implementation of the plans. It needs steadfastness for a person to be unmoved by a set-back or blow to the strategy. It’s extremely important for a leader to have values which coincides with those of the employees in such cases employees are excited by the fact that the person they are working under have similar values as them and it...