Leader in a Workplace

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Implications of Effective Leadership in the Workplace


Theories on workplace provide different insights on how leaders work in an effective manner (Alcorn, 2003: 106). Leadership styles and methods differ from each other, but effective leadership improves procedures of organizational diagnosis and communication within the workplace for the development of better and more reliable business performance. An effective leader is not confined or judged by styles and approaches used, but the impact and result of that leadership style.

Effective leaders face fast-changing workplace, which is directly or indirectly affected by factors including new technology and innovation (Weaver, 1997: 1). Skilled and effective leaders work for the improvement of the quality and quantity on how members coordinate. The surging global competition and rapid deployment of advanced technologies necessitate organizations to reconfigure in the goal of remaining vibrant and competitive.

For consideration, the goal of leadership is individual in first instance, but as time processes, leadership results to team or organizational impact. As discussed, changing workplace results to organizational change, which requires transition, wherein human aspect takes high priority (Outward Bound USA & Chatfield, 2007: 272).

Workplaces that have effective leadership, whether transformational, motivational, or any other types, work smoothly in coordinating actions. Effective leaders are important in goal achievement, expansion and development of the workplace.


Leadership varies across society, organizational culture and background (Nelson & Quick, 2007: 291). For this reason, the clear understanding of leadership is not based on sanctified principles and standards rules. Leadership can be considered as an art so important within the workplace that it affects the overall direction on achievement of goals and objectives.

It intends to draw an outline thought on how leaders affect the behavior of followers within the organization and the workplace. That is, it will seek to evaluate principles and hypothesis on the implications of effective leadership in the workplace.

Literature Review

Leadership has been the subject of studies and theoretical expansions for several decades. There are several attempts, approaches and methods to understand the underlying principles and school of thought behind leadership. In fact, leadership is “one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth. (quoted in Daft & Lane, 2008: 4)” The definition of leadership is difficult and complex because leadership, itself, is complex and large in scope.

According to Daft & Lane (2008), to understand leadership, it is very important to clearly understand the key elements involved in the make-up of leadership. Leadership notes influence, which occurs among people who intentionally desire for changes to be shared between leaders and followers. In leadership definition, influence means that the relationship among people is not passive. In the same manner, influence is multidimensional, multi-directional and non-coercive. For this definition of leadership, it simply implies that necessity of influence for leadership to grow.

In The Bass Handbook of Leadership: Theory, Research, and Managerial Applications, Bass & Bass noted that the broad definition of leadership has reached social order to introduce major change, to give purpose to work and organizations, to influence leaders and followers, and to infuse value and ideology on the organization (Bass & Bass, 2008: 24). Leadership is not confined to the thoughts and actions of a single person, rather it works on the details of the workplace or organization to introduce new significant changes on the principle and beliefs of an organization for the foundation of direction and clear objectives (ibid).

For clarity on definition of leadership, it is very essential to note three...
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