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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Donna Samuels
A positive influence in the workplace helps maintain a team’s motivation, satisfaction, and performance. Leaders in the workplace must ensure employees are properly inspired to complete the task at hand. This paper will show the importance and capacity motivation, satisfaction, and performance has on a team. Motivation

Employee motivation increases employee satisfaction. Various ways managers and leaders can motivate employees are job security benefits, recognition of hard work, compensation, paid time off, and a safe work environment (Heathfield, para. 8). Different forms of motivation work for different people because everyone has separate interests so managers must keep this in mind when motivating teams to achieve the tasks or goal. Any team thrives on motivation and only good communication can foster motivation. According to (Robbins & Judge, 2011), “Communication fosters motivation by clarifying to employees what they must do, how well they are doing, and how to improve performance if it is subpar.” Motivation creates satisfaction and enhanced performance for employees and the team. Satisfaction

A satisfied employee tends to perform better and brings more productivity to the team because a satisfied employee creates a good work environment. Employee satisfaction is defined as the individual employee’s general attitude toward the job (HumanResources, para. 2). Improving employee satisfaction is beneficial to the organization and managers can improve employee satisfaction by making an acquaintance with the employees, providing feedback, actively train employees, offer a reward program, respect employees, etc. Performance

Employee performance is high when the employee is motivated and satisfied. Management must measure employee performance through evaluations about job completion and the employee’s attitude toward work. Feedback after the evaluation is important for the employee to understand the evaluation and encourage the employee to...
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