Lacrosse Experience Essay

Topics: Lacrosse, Lacrosse stick, Box lacrosse Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Karishma Jain
Professor Brunner
English 101
Assignment #1
My Second First Practice
Soaking in the warmth of the sun, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the serene rhythm of my cleats against the track, I knew I was back to my home away from home. The Lacrosse field has always been my oasis for many reasons; ones that my parents do not understand, but other collegial athletes or sports enthusiasts would. It is where I get to release my stress through exercise, and where I get to play the sport I love with the people I love. While going through my mental checklist of mouth guard, water, running shoes, sunscreen, and lastly my lacrosse stick, I come to the conclusion that I am full prepared and ready to “lax.” It is funny how as I walk up to the bench I see other freshman who resembled me on my first day. Confused, intimidated, and not knowing where to go, and what to think, I was not too long ago in the very same position. Thinking back that a year ago, it was at my first day of lacrosse practice, and I had no idea what was to happen on a division one-club team in college. Unlike last year, I now come to practice being prepared, and actually being the one leading practice with my friends and fellow teammates.

Almost anyone knows who plays a sport how physically and mentally demanding it is. However, as my coach walks up to the field, I realize even more how much we have to step it up this season compared to last. First of all, we all have a mandatory duty to arrive a half and hour early to practice to run an extra warm up mile, run sprints to end each practice, and with so many newcomers we cannot afford to fool around. Our coach has made it crystal clear to us that she wants us to be strong competitor amongst our league. As well, as returners to the team we have an additional responsibility to mentor the first years and teach them how to train hard even outside of our practices.

Last year, my first day of practice consisted of not knowing where...
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