Lacrosse Experience

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Over the years, we have all had our share of experiences. Some were better than others and some were more significant than others. Some had a positive outcome and some had a negative outcome. Hopefully most were positive and, if they were negative, we learned from them. For myself my favorite experience was lacrosse, which had a positive effect on my future.

I began playing lacrosse in middle school. Since I was new to the sport I was determined to become a better athlete for the upcoming high school season. Spring season of ninth grade, I made junior variety lacrosse. We had an amazing season and made memories that will last forever. Unfortunately, during the season, I injured my ankle and was out for most of the season. Even though I was injured, I was still a team player and always supported my team in every way possible. When my injury healed, junior varsity's season was over, but varsity had made the play-offs. I was one of several girls who was pulled up for the play-offs that season. Every girl knew what to expect. We knew our place and were excited and proud of the older girls for doing so well. This opportunity for all the younger girls improved our skills tremendously and we got a feel for how a varsity game is played.

Our next spring lacrosse season I worked twice as hard, I was in my sophomore year of high school and was determined to prove to the coaches that I was ready for varsity. Unfortunately, the coach and I didn't see eye to eye. She said, " Katlyn, I'm proud of how well you improved this year, but I believe you need one more year to improve more. I think you should stay on junior varsity and be a leader to the younger girls because you have stronger skills." I was devastated; my heart was broken. However, I channeled all these emotions and got fired up for the season to prove the coach wrong. I became the leading scorer and proved to the coach that I was varsity material. I understand now my coach's...
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