Topics: Prion, Infectious disease, Stanley B. Prusiner Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: January 23, 2013
By Jonathon Goris
AP bio
Prion is short for proteinaceous infectious particle; Prions are tiny proteins particles that can cause brain diseases in animals and humans (1). Prion infect other proteins which changes them to complex copies of themselves which sends commands to the body that can to good or bad thing such as killing cells. That also allows them to multiply (reproduce)(2). Kuru is a progressive disease of the central nervous system marked by increasing lack of coordination and advancing to dementia, paralysis, and death(3). Prions were discovered by a man by the name of Stanley B. Prusiner M.D (a neurology professor) in 1997 in his lab by examining diseases such as Kuru and Scrapie (4). But the diseases that these prions cause have were known for the past fifty years but it may have been discovered one hundred and fifty years ago and rediscovered every twenty-five to fifty years by other scientists who gave the molecule different names (4). Prions cause disease multiplying and infecting proteins and changing them into complex PrpSc (Prions) proteins (5). Kuru one of the many disease caused by prions tis specific disease is only found in humans, some of the symptoms of Kuru are arm and leg pain, poor coordination skills, difficulty walking, severe headaches, swallowing difficulties, and tremors and muscles jerks(6). The Kuru diseases can lie dormant in your body for about thirty years. But signs of the disease tend to become noticeable between ten to thirteen years after exposure (6). Kuru is found in the people of New Guinea who practice cannibalism (7). Kuru is spread because of Fore's funeral rituals the Fore's funeral rituals are when the fore cook and eat there dead relatives and is only practiced by the women and children and it’s rare to see the disease in the older men (8). There are no known treatments for Kuru (6). Kuru is a very rare and deadly disease I found that many people believe that Stanley B. Prusiner...
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