Topics: IPod, Flight attendant, Japan Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Kyle Neeley
8th Spanish
Senor Candia
April 14, 2009
Autobiography – Mi Vuelo a la Japan

I want to go on a vacation to Tokyo, Japan. I want to go on a jet or a helicopter. I want to go to a high classed airport. I want to go with my friends: Chung Soo, Conor, Kevin, y Cyrus. I would bring my Ipod for listening to music and my laptop for watching movies. would like to go during the summer.

I would like to go to Japan for all the summer time. I would stay at a 5 star hotel. In Japan there is everything: manga, karate, funny tv shows, new electronics, and great people. I want to learn karate. I want to go to a musical with all the people. I want to see the new electronic devices. I want to eat all the sushi in Japan. I want to buy a car in Japan. I want to live in Japan. I want to go to the Japanese museum. I am very interested in the Japanese. If I could take a trip to Japan I would have to go to the airport. In the airport I would have to check my bags and boarding pass first. Then I would enter the security check. After that I would wait for my flight to arrive.

When the plane arrives I will get in line. Before boarding the plane I would give my ticket.

I would Leave at 10 a.m.

In the plane I would put my luggage in the overhead compartment. After, I would sit down. I would wait for the pilot’s directions. I would then follow the directions. I would fasten my seatbelt, sit in seat vertically, and not stand up.

I learned how to put on the oxygen mask and where the life jackets are. I learned about the emergence exits: Entrada, Afondo, y Medio. The flight attendant would serve me delicious food.

We would look at the sky. We would listen to music on our iPods. We would watch the movie “BOLT!” We would eat chicken, fish, pork, burritos, and tacos. I would also drink milk with my friends.

The flight would be 12 hours. We would arrive at 10 p.m. We would thank the flight crew. The we...
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