Commercial Aviation Management

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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As long as I can remember, airplanes, airports and flying, has always fascinated me. During my childhood, we lived on the top floor of a high-rise building located directly on the Pearson Airport’s landing and take off flight path. I use to spend countless hours just gazing the sky watching airplanes. When I was old enough to operate a pc, the MS Flight Simulator was my favorite game that helped me learn and understand the various features of a cockpit and how to takeoff and land a plane. I had decided in my early middle school days that I wanted to become a pilot because flying became my passion. Through out my middle school years, my love for flying kept on growing and with the guidance from my parents, I started selecting courses that would help me build the basis for more advanced aviation related courses in the future. I started taking extra curricular activities such as map reading, studying advances in the field of aviation and making model airplanes. I also started reading books written by veteran pilots sharing their life long experiences, do’s and don’ts and explaining best possible choices to become a pilot. During my high school years, I had lined up all my courses that were required as pre-requisite by several flight training schools in Toronto, but unfortunately, due to sheer teenage laziness and weaknesses, I started to fall behind in my educations. As time went by, I was always trying to catch up with the pace, but occasionally it was just easy to give up as catching up seemed a daunting task. Personally, I went through hard time as I still had a burning passion to become a pilot, but my bad study habits has caused me to fall behind in my courses and joining any aviation institute seemed impossible, I was beginning to feel that my dream to become a pilot might remain a dream. I was fortunate that I realized my mistakes before it was too late. With the moral support from my family, I started to put together a recovery plan that would bring me back...
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