Your Dream Vacation

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Your dream vacation
In 21 century people become more and more busy. They always have to work, take care of their children, their family so a vacation is very necessary so am I. I’m a student, I don’t have much money, time... But I will tell you about my dream vacation so if something is unreal don’t care about them because it just a dream it may be come true or not but it always make life more colorful. My vacation must be a long vacation about 2 weeks or a month. Because I think it is a suitable time for me to relax. I don’t want to go too far because I want to use motobike to get there. I can’t use any other transport. And Vung Tau seem good. There have every thing I need for a vacation : beach, mount, city, market, ... I can rent a room in a resort or hotel. In the morning can see sun raise then climb Small mountain to see Vung Tau lighthouse. Then I can have lunch at a restaurant and return to the beach to watch sunset. Vung Tau have 2 beautiful beach is Tam Duong beach, which is beautiful and poetic and Thuy Van beach, which is long and crowed. And go bach to the city to go shopping or just go arount the city. And the other day I can sleep to noon, then wake up and have lunch, watch tv, play video game and swim in hotel’s pool. It will be a totally relax day. Or I can go to see Thich Ca Phat Dai, linh Son Co Tu, Phuoc Lam Tu... to free your mint. I can also visit Bach Dinh which is on the side of Nui Lon. Bach Dinh has an European architecture type of late 19 century. Bach Dinh is a famous lanscape and history place of Vung Tau city. But the most important thing is I want to go with my family or frient. I can do every thing alone but I can’t have a vacation alone. It will be boring, no one to talk with, no one to go with. Vacation is a good way to make a good relationship with your friends. And make member in your family more understand others. This is my dream vacation. What is your dream vacation?
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