Cebu Bohol

Topics: Bohol, Philippines, Tagbilaran City Pages: 4 (1770 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Laguna State Polytechnic University
San Pablo Campus
School Year 2011-2012

Submitted by:
Melissa Joy C. Marquez
BST – 2A

Submitted to:
Mrs. Zandra Farina Gorom

19th day of September 2011, this the most awaited day of all the second year student taking the course of Tourism and third year HRM, the Cebu-Bohol Tour and I am belong to them. September 18, I prepared all the things that I needed in the tour. I check all things on my maleta to make sure that I will not forget anything. And then after that I sleep early to have a beauty rest. At exactly 2 o’clock in the morning my dad wakes me up. Then I take my breakfast and take a bath. After an hour we arrive to San Pablo because the call time is 3:30am. At the bus, the tour guide distributes the kit. On the kit, there is my ID, the ticket on the plane, a 200 for the fee in airlines. The first day of our tour is started. We arrive to Manila to go to Nonoy Aquino International Airport. After a long arrival we go to Cebu Pacific Airlines terminal to go to Bohol. While waiting for our flight I and my friends take a picture. Then finally we go to Cebu Pacific bus to depart to plane and board. This is my first time to board on the airplane. I’m so nervous yet excited. I’m so lucky because I am sitting near on the window. When we are on the plane, the stewardesses demo the guidelines and some safety precaution. It’s around 1 hour and 30minutes to reach the Bohol. The stewardesses gave a game so we were not getting bored. Someone who will answer correctly there question will give a souvenir from Cebu Pacific Airlines. Yes! We will take off on the plane. We were now in Tagbilaran Airport. After getting our baggage we go to our bus, we are the first batch who reaches the Bohol. Someone tell us that the flight of other batch is delay so we need to wait for them. All of us get bored so we request to watch movie while we are waiting. Then after waiting they are now reach the Tagbilaran Airport so we start to...
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