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In January 1995, Kraft General Foods became Kraft Foods, Inc. and was reorganized into a single operating company. Kraft Foods continues to grow and change to meet changing consumer needs, in part by building on its history — the legacy of its well-known brands, the character of its founders and the dedication of its employees. The company has continued to build on the innovative spirit of its past, with new products such as low-fat and fat-free products in a variety of categories. It has also grown through acquisitions, including BOCA BURGER and BALANCE BAR in early 2000, and the family of Nabisco brands in December of 2000. Kraft Foods Inc.’s product portfolio is one of the finest in the world, including more than 70 major brands such as KRAFT Cheeses, MAXWELL HOUSE and NABOB Coffees, POST ready-to-eat Cereals, OREO Cookies, RITZ Crackers, LIFESAVERS Candies, PLANTERS Nuts and Snacks, JELL-O Desserts, KOOL-AID Beverages, PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, TOMBSTONE Pizza, STOVE TOP Stuffing Mixes and MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing. As for our case strategic management analysis of Kraft Food Inc, our group had structured the findings from examine their statement vision and mission, audit the external factors of the company opportunities and threat by doing the five forces model of competition, Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM), External Factor Evaluation Matrix (EFE) and Positioning Map as to evaluate the Kraft’s rivals position in the market. Besides, our groups observe the company’s internal factor as such their own strength and weakness by going through the Financial Ratio analysis and Internal factor Evaluation Matrix (IFE). Also, we had included the SWOT Analysis, Grand Strategy Matrix, Internal-External Matrix (IE), Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) and some recommendation and justifications from our point of views. The objective of the assignment is to help us understanding the practicality that management people in each organization have done in the process of formulating strategies as to ensure the strategies will maximize a long term return to the company yet to achieve the sustainable competitive advantages. Therefore, this assignment has given an ease for us to understand more about the course of Strategic Management.

“Helping People around the World Eat and Live Better”
Our vision tells the world-our employees, customers, consumers and the communities where we make and sell our products-what we care about. It captures the importance of health and wellness, but it also embodies all the ways we can eat and live better, such as the enjoyment of a dessert, the convenience of a microwave meal, the safety and value of our products and the services and solutions we provide.

“Being the First Choice of Healthy Food Products”
A mission statement is often the most visible and public part of the strategic management process, it is important that it includes all of these essential components: 1. Customers
2. Products or services
3. Markets
4. Technology
5. Concern for survival, growth and profitability
6. Philosophy
7. Self-concept
8. Concern for public image
9. Concern for employee

The recommended mission statement for Kraft Food can be as follows: “Kraft Food is devoted to providing its customers appetite for life, which love to laugh and live to eat. At Kraft Food we believe it is the best in the world. We aim to be the most successful food company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve. By do so; Kraft Food will meet its customer expectations through highest quality food prepared with leading technology and by hiring and retaining personnel with exceptional capabilities. We believe in offering quality and value to our customers and grow in such a way that creates profitability and value for shareholders...
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