How to Motivate Motel Maids

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How do you motivate motel maids?
The management of organizations is one significant determinant of the production and productivity of the employees. The type of management can highly influence the way an organization is run and the way employees relate to one another and consequently how they relate with the clients that come in the organization. This paper is aimed at divulging the various positive changes that should be made in an organization and the leadership that should be implemented in order to have the employees in the motel and other hospitality industries perform to their best without much strain. 1. Put yourself in the role of the motel maid. What physical changes could be made to enhance the job? To start with, the physical changes that should be made are stipulated as follows;

Putting in place a standard operating procedure (SOP), this will ensure that the assigned tasks to each maid are completed with a lot of consistency, in a standardized manner, economic way and also under a safe environment for the maids themselves. This SOP will then mean a happier customer base, a higher efficiency within the organization as a whole and fewer accidents realized in the organization (Motels, 2009).

Healthy Work Environment (HWE) is another physical change that should be implemented in the motel so as to ensure that not just the patrons are safe but the maids as well. This is in view of the private rooms exclusive for the maids only while changing or resting. There should be air conditioners installed and the fire exit constructed and a general adherence to the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act catering for the safety of the maids (University of Virginia, 2010). 2. Personal identity and pride in the job should be given top priority in redesigning the position. What changes would you suggest to enhance the employee’s personal identity? It is important to note that the pride that one can have in an organization is derived from the way they are treated by the same organization. This will come from the concept of self perception and self worth that the maids are made to have by the management. The self-concept or the personal identity can be defined along a wide continuum ranging from personal identity to the definition in terms of social identity. This personal identity will in turn be expressed through the social identity of an individual and intergroup behavior hence affecting even the customers (Alexander S. H. 2003). Some of the ways that can be used to make the maids feel proud of being part of the employees of the motel are as follows (Millenium data for Business, 2011); (a). The Motel management should organize social activities that will make the maids feel that the organization has a social concern. Some of the activities may include Corporate Social Responsibilities, fundraisings donations and so on that will make the maids to be proud to work for the Motel. (b). The involvement of the maids in the decision making process will also be crucial in improving the personal identity of the maids. This can involve conducting a survey of the things that the maids would like to do in the motel as well as their idea about the progress forward for their organization for the betterment of the motel and most significantly for themselves. (c). It is important to allow the maids to engage in other social activities in the community, even though this may seem to be costing the motel some man-hours, it is a good motivator for the maids.

(d) It would also be useful to engage the maids in regular training and certification so as to make them feel that they hold a significant position in the motel this must be accompanied by making them know that they are doing something that is very useful to the society at large. 3. If you are the leader of this organization, what style of leadership do you think would work best and why?

If I were the leader of this organization, there are two major types of leadership...
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