Knowledge Management Individual Report

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Knowledge management is the name of a concept in which an enterprise consciously and comprehensively gathers, organizes, shares, and analyzes its knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills. In early 1998, it was believed that few enterprises actually had a comprehensive knowledge management practice (by any name) in operation. Advances in technology and the way we access and share information have changed that; many enterprises now have some kind of knowledge management framework in place. Knowledge management involves data mining and some method of operation to pushinformation to users. Some vendors are offering products to help an enterprise inventory and access knowledge resources. IBM's Lotus Discovery Server and K-Station, for example, are products advertised as providing the ability to organize and locate relevant content and expertise required to address specific business tasks and projects. They are said to be able to analyze the relationships between content, people, topics, and activity, and produce a knowledge map report. In an Information Week article, Jeff Angus and Jeetu Patel describe a four-process view of knowledge management that we have put into a table:  

This major process...| Includes these activities....|
Gathering| * Data entry * OCR and scanning * Voice input * Pulling information from various sources * Searching for information to include| Organizing| * Cataloging * Indexing * Filtering * Linking| Refining| * Contextualizing * Collaborating * Compacting * Projecting * Mining| Disseminating| * Flow * Sharing * Alert * Push|

A knowledge management plan involves a survey of corporate goals and a close examination of the tools, both traditional and technical, that are required for addressing the needs of the company. The challenge is to select or build software that fits the context of the overall plan and encourage employees to share information. -------------------------------------------------

Definition of Knowledge Management
There are several different, and sometimes quite confusing statements that claim to be a definition of Knowledge Management' and there are different perspectives on what Knowledge Management is. For example: ▪ KM is about systems and technologies

▪ KM is about people and learning organisations
▪ KM is about processes, methods and techniques
▪ KM is about managing knowledge assets
▪ KM is a holistic initiative across the entire organisation ▪ KM is not a discipline, as such, and should be an integral part of every knowledge workers daily responsibilities What is most important, is for you to have your own definition of Knowledge Management; what KM is to you and your organisation. What is even more important is that you and your colleagues have a 'common shared understanding' of what KM means for you all. To help you get started, we have included immediately below a few definitions of what KM means to some organisations. We suggest you consider them, together with any other definitions you may have, and see if there are any words or phrases that particularly 'resonate' with what you are trying to do. This will help you formulate your own definition of knowledge management. At the end of this page, we invite you to share with us all, any definitions you have discovered and/or formulated. We can then all comment and rate the usefulness of each definition as we wish. This then provides us, at the bottom of this page, with a list of KM Definitions, listed in highest rated/ranked order, to help us even further. So please share your definitions and/or any comments or rating to definitions. 

Some well known KM Definitions
----------------------------------------------------------------- "If only HP knew what it knows it would make three times more profit tomorrow" Lew Platt, ex CEO Hewlett Packard
----------------------------------------------------------------- "Knowledge Management is the...
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