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  • Published: September 15, 2014
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Studying Religion
Kirk Samuda
August 4, 2014
Mr. Al Conway

Essential for any tradition to be considered a religion, is the demonstration of traits and characteristics that are intended to join the human existence with something sacred or spiritual. The philosophy that engages the gathering of people together for worship, is a trait reflecting a merger between the human self and something sacred; that may be considered religious, yet not necessarily a religion. It is my opinion, that to fully comprehend the fundamental basis that qualifies any gathering of one or more individuals and or living entity for the specific purpose of allowing the physical existence to communicate with another entity, be it spiritual or physical is questionably religious by default.

This hypothesis may be substantiated by logically lending itself to the relativity of monotheism, how it is viewed by each religion, and tested on the premise of religious theories and evidence that subject them to the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis. To illustrate my point, let us view carefully the commonalities of the three western religions which are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The common component amidst them all is omnipotent God (Often times referred to by different names), but still the highest authority to which infinite respect and adoration is given. Any application of the alternative hypothesis would emphasize that any beliefs or practices, whether traditional or otherwise that is inclusive of observations, behavior, or material expressions, that influence the human psychology that is created by some non-random cause attached to a ritual, may be called a religion.

Christianity as a religion is built on the belief that God, Whose existence is still questioned by many scholars based on the lack of scientific evidence, sent his son Jesus Christ to unite people under a belief system that is systematic, hierarchical and subjecting itself...
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