Kirk Patrick Samuda, Service Request

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Kirk SamudaUniversity of Phoenix|
April 28, 2013BSA/375|

Week (2)
Mr. Jeffrey Mc Nickle

A brief analysis of Riordan manufacturing HR system reflects an obvious absence of automated integration via a Wide Area Network for the HR Department. The present methodology applied to the gathering and sharing of information isn’t effective and must be upgraded promptly to permit positive changes throughout Riordan. As such, a key area of focus is the acquisition of relevant and effective information that can cause positive changes for every department and location of Riordan.The key Stakeholders to interview for such information must be involved with Finance and Accounting, hiring, operations, the training of end users, and the sharing of information among departments, both individually and consolidated. Based on the personnel information provided by Riordan’s intranet, the following members of staff are chosen to share and document their present experiences with HR, and to make documented recommendations towards a fully automated and integrated HR environment (HRIS).

Yvonne McMillanDirector of Human Resources
Hugh McCauleyChief Operating Officer
Donald BrysonDirector of Accounting and Finance / Controller Patricia MillerManager IT services ( San Jose)
Stacey JonesManager IT services ( Albany)
Dirk KortManager IT services ( Pontiac)
Phil JohnsonManager Research
Maria CastilloDatabase Analyst
Mari CarilloTraining and Development specialist
Maria TrinhChief Information Officer
Andrea GambyEmployee Relations manager
Robert TrinhProgram/Analyst
Because the intent of the service request is to establish a simpler, more effective way of managing human resources, with the hope of merging operations with people to produce maximum performance and profitability for Riordan, specific gathering techniques and systems analysis tools must be proposed as viable tools for this project. Essential to...
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