Religion in the Western Civilization

Topics: Christianity, Roman Empire, Roman Emperor Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Western civilization
Growth of Christianity
The religion of Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ is god. Jesus lived somewhere between 4 and 30 BCE and was from Nazareth. Jesus was brought up an orthodox Jew and was born into a bit of a higher class family. Jesus became a Jewish teacher and was said to give a message of hope and moral demands. He was executed somewhere around 30BCE by the roman crowed and was crucified. After his death his body reportedly went pissing from his tomb and people began to believe that he must have been raised from the dead by god and further believed that he would come back to save his followers. There were many reasons that influenced Christianity in western civilization. There were three people who had a lot to do with the growth of Christianity and they were Paul or the Apostle Paul, Constantine who was an emperor of Rome and Theodosius who was also an emperor of Rome but took the beliefs of Constantine even further.

After Jesus death some believed that Jesus was lord. Paul who never met Jesus in the flesh was the founder of Christianity. When he was still young in Jerusalem he was actually apart of the opposition to the very new Jerusalem church which believed that Jesus was resurrected. A little while later he had to travel to Damascus. Along the way to Damascus Paul had a vision of Jesus that converted him to believe Jesus was lord. Afterwards he started preaching the word of Jesus, going on a long missionary campaign. This played a big part on the growth of Christianity The second person who had a big impact with Christianity in the western civilization was Constantine who was the first Christian roman ruler. He allowed the tolerance of Christian religion across the Roman Empire. This made it so the religion wasn’t frowned upon and could be brought to the streets of Rome. This had a lot to do with the growth of Christianity throughout Rome. The third major impact on the growth of...
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