Khadi Workings in India

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“If villages prosper, India Prospers”
“Khadi is the sun of village solar system the planets are the various industries which supports the Khadi in return for that heat and substance they derive from it”


Industrial development of a country has become the yardstick to be applied to judge its actual progress. Of late in India there has been phenomenal growth of small scale, cottage, and village as also large scale industries. Cottage and village industries form an integral part of the village community system. Rapid industrialization of villages is necessary to make the people economically independent. In India any development programme must start with individual villagers.

This was recognized by the Government even at the time of formulation of First plan, which stated, village industries have a central place in rural development programme. Diminishing opportunities for gainful employment account for the reduction of the standard of life of some action of the rural population.

‘Chakra Sangh’ was established in the year 1925 with the primary object of providing employment to larger number of villages. This was a first stone laid in the construction of Khadi Organization. In the year 1927, ‘All India Spinners Association’ was formed to replace the ‘Chakra Sangh’

Since ‘All India Spinners Association’ was concerned only with khadi work, Ghandhiji felt the need to form another organization to take care of Village industries which are of vital significance for the survival for the artisans and labourers.

Thereby he felt the economy can be protected leading to ‘Grama Swaraj’ and village sufficiently. Accordingly ’All India Villages Industries Association’ was formed in 1928 in consideration of 7,00,000 jobless villagers.

After the demise of Mahathma Ghandhiji, ‘All India Spinners Association’ and ’All India Villages Industries Association’ were amalgamated as ‘Sarva Seva Sangh’

According to Ghandhiji, Khadi denotes the beginning of economic freedom and equality for all in the country. It means ‘Swadesh Menatality’- a determination to find out all the necessities and to weigh the intellect of the villagers. It is also a symbol of India’s unity. Humanity and love for swaraj. It also means decentralization of production and distribution of the essential commodities of life. To Ghandhiji, Khadi and village industries are the vital instruments, not mearly for attaining political freedom but also for attaining economic emancipation. Thus awareness is created and it recognizes the value and importance of Khadi and village industry’s products.

The Government of India setup the Khadi and Village Industries Board in 1953. One of the primary objectives of this Khadi project is ‘Vastra Swavalambam’ (production of cloth for self consumption). Ghandhiji clearly stated that the success of this programme wass to be measured not in terms of production and sales figures but through the consciousness of Ahimsa, self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

In 1956, Khadi and Village industries commission was formed as a n autonomous body under the chairman ship of Vaikunthal Mehta to plan, organize and implement programs for the promotion and development of Khadi and village industries (KVI)

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission is charged with the planning, promotion, organization and implementation of various programmes for the development of Khadi and Village Industries in the rural areas in co-ordination with the other agencies engaged in rural development wherever necessary.

The government has given priority to rural industries to create a healthy atmosphere for all round development of rural economy. More emphasis on rural development has been laid since the fourth plan whose slogan is “I Villages prosper India Prospers”...
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