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* The OTOP policy was introduced in 2001 by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Thailand is striving to heighten the standard and excellence of OTOP products to provide the greatest satisfaction to both local and international consumers. * OTOP is the brand of products under the 'One Tambon, One Product' project, a nationwide sustainable development initiative launched by the Thai government in 2001. It aims to promote the unique products made by local communities, by utilizing their indigenous skills and craftsmanship combined with available natural resources and raw materials. * The Thai government provides communities with valuable assistance with regard to product development and opportunities to market products in a global arena. This project is also an important way to preserve traditional skills and ancient Thai heritage, which have been passed down through generations. OTOP offers an extensive range of exquisite handicrafts, quality agricultural products, food, beverages, gems, jewelry, textile, garments and so much more. Major OTOP trade fairs are held twice annually in Bangkok. Main policy

* World Standard of products
Products that are unique are easily recognized and potential to be commercially successful in the local, national, sub-regional, as well as international markets. * Products are unique
People make products by using existing raw materials and resources available in their respective area. Combined with the folk wisdom passed on by their ancestors from generation to generation, they come up with products that are uniquely distinctive and valuable. * Human capacity development and improved technology

OTOP promotes knowledge and ability of human to plan marketing and emphasize about produce and serve by consider consumer. Objective
* To create jobs, employment and income for villagers.
* Strengthening the capacity of the local community to become self-reliant. * To promote human...
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