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This is a report on Gary a 52 year old male service user who lives within the county of Conway. Due to a serious car accident some time ago he has lost the use of both his legs and he does not work and relies on disability benefits for his income, Gary lives alone and has some care provided by his daughter and the rest by a support worker. This report has been commissioned by Gary with the help of his support worker as he is interested in taking up some retraining so he can move towards getting back into the job market and becoming more independent. His daughter and son in law are apposed to the idea as they think Gary is getting on in years and she would not be able to attend the address to get Gary ready for work before 9.30 am as she needs to get her children to school. His daughter also has reservations about the Gary's ex-work colleague as he has a reputation of being quite demanding of his employees and pays only a basic wage.

In this report we are going to look into all the options that are open to Gary as in regard to him getting extra care so that he is able to push towards his goal of retraining for work. The key issues that we need to address as regard to Gary are can we get him the extra care that would make him more independent and give him the mobility to let him attend further education and training to put him back in the work place.This report is being compiled for Social Workers that are based within the Adult Social Services within Conwy County Council.


With Gary's situation a number of significant events have happened which have led to his current situation, he lost the use of his legs sometime ago and lives alone after getting divorced some 15 years ago. Gary is suffering from depression and is taking medication for this, his daughter and son-in-law are relied on for most of his care and a support worker attends each day to give him a bath. Since the onset of his depression Gary has withdrawn from doing the activities that he used to enjoy and he is very much cutting himself off from the world. He enjoyed used to enjoy using his personal computer to research local and family history. The root of Gary's problem I believe is that he has become depressed due to his isolation from the real world and with his current lack of care and mobility he is almost 'stuck in a rut' and needs to be removed from this situation and given more self worth. Gary needs a more active place in society and the more help that he can be given the more he will feel like he has a purpose in society, his family have reservations about the course of action that Gary wishes to pursue due to their limitations as regard to the time of day that his daughter can attend to get him ready and also the reputation of the old work friend that is offering him future employment.

Adult Social Services have a number of goals for people who are disabled they include Maintaining independence, opportunities to contribute to the community, feeling valued, access to social contact and community, keeping active and alert (http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/spru/pubs/pdf/newvision.pdf) all these apply to Gary and Adult Social services need to move forward with Gary to give him a greater quality of life and move him towards the goals that he wish to obtain there are a number of options that are available to them.

There are a number of perspectives that could be considered when looking at the situation of Gary, we can look at through the eyes of the Social Model of Disability (K217 Book2), Sigma (Goffman 1968) , empowerment (K217 Book 3).

When looking at Gary's...
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