Unit 9 - Lo1

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In this assignment I am going to be discussing how I am going to approach the care of the 2 case studies and how I am making sure that their care is holistic. Also I am going to be identifying the care staff that are going to be involved in producing the care plan and explaining why it is good that different services come together to produce the care plan. First Scenario

Sam has been admitted to hospital after having a stroke. He is being released from hospital and will need help when he leaves hospital as he is paralysed down his left side and he struggles with his speech as a result of his stroke. Sam has rights towards his care. He has the right to communication, dignity, safety, family, and to have access to services, treatment and support. Below I am going to explain how Sam has these rights. When Sam returns home we want to make sure that when he is receiving the help that he needs his dignity is thought of. To make sure that Sam keeps his dignity in his care plan we would make sure that he was visited by only 2 or 3 different people; this ensures that Sam feels comfortable with the people that he is seeing. This also enables Sam to have a professional relationship with the people that he is seeing which would help him feel that his dignity is kept and loads of people are not looking at him. Due to the side effects of the stroke that Sam had he is going to need help with physical care like washing himself and getting himself dressed, for this reason it is important that Sam feels comfortable with the people who are around him and getting him ready. If Sam didn’t feel comfortable then he wouldn’t want people to help him with his care. It could also affect his self-esteem. If Sam was only seen by 2 or 3 people he would feel comfortable and also meaning he would allow carers to help him. He would also feel relaxed around the carers and not feel scared. Sam is a widower this could mean that he has no family; however he could have brothers, sisters, children or grandchildren, we would need to find this out. To make sure that Sam feels comfortable we would make sure that if he did have any family and Sam wanted them involved, then they were informed of Sam’s care and how they could help. This would make sure that Sam’s family felt at ease with the care that was going on and also that Sam felt that his family wasn’t being left out of his life. Sam may also want his family to care for him instead of having a carer come and look after him that he doesn’t know. Sam’s speech has been affected due to the stroke, this means that care staff may struggle communicating with him. To make sure that Sam feels confident communicating with the care staff, and the care staff feel confident communicating with Sam we would find a way of communicating that suited both the care staff and Sam. This could be sign language, picture cards, or another way. As long as Sam feels confident and the care staff know what he wants or needs. Sam has the right to confidentiality. He doesn’t have to have his information told to everyone when it is not needed. If someone needs to know his information because they are going to be caring for him then Sam will need to be contacted to inform him that his details are being told to someone. This makes sure that his identity isn’t going to be stolen for example and people who could cause Sam harm do not get hold of his details. This links with his right to safety because Sam is vulnerable. Giving Sam’s address or date of birth to someone could lead Sam to getting burgled or getting scammed. This could lead Sam not being safe and also not feeling safe around the care staff that look after him. This could mean that his recovery doesn’t go as planned. Sam has the right to access services, treatment and support. Sam is a widower which means that he could still be upset about losing his wife and now he is dependent on someone helping him even though he may have been independent since his wife passed away....
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