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Komal Rizvi
Reflective Piece Connections

* Theme(From Unit 4): Teaching concepts
In Unit 4, we were asked to discuss important teaching concepts. This unit covered how an effective teacher should define terms/concepts, emphasize important things, give several different clear detailed examples with real life applications, explain the correlation between things, and ask students questions they should logically be able to answer after they have absorbed what the teacher taught. Furthermore, a teacher should occasionally allow students to have control over certain factors in the classroom. However, I believe that there are additional important factors in teaching effectively which were covered in the other four units this semester. In order to effectively teach students, a teacher must do a number of things. Most importantly, a teacher should give students opportunities to engage in real-life scenarios, while providing them with support when it’s necessary. In addition, students should be introduced to a variety of learning methods to find the one best for them. Furthermore, learning should be fun and somehow tied in with everyday life. In general, a positive atmosphere that influences learning must be created for students. The extent of effectively teaching does not end there, a teacher must also properly assess students to determine what they have and have not learned. * Unit 1:Developmental-Guided participation(Vygotsky)

Connection-When teachers allow students to undergo guided participation, they are giving students a chance to perform adult like activities while giving them assistance when it is necessary. This displays effective teaching because students are given opportunities similar to the ones they will come in contact with later on in their adult lives. Thus, this type of learning is more meaningful because not only are they learning something now, they are also learning valuable knowledge for the future. Therefore, helping students with their future along with their present is an extremely important teaching concept. Example-A teacher assigns her seventh grade class their very first research paper. In order to prepare them for this, she goes over everything they need to know to write a paper. She passes out several handouts including how to write a thesis statement, when/how to use transition words, how to write internal citations, how to create a works cited page, where to find reliable sources and a completed example research paper. Next, she reads every handout out loud and emphasizes on the important things. Then, over the next few weeks she gives them time in class to work their papers while she assists them when it’s necessary. She even has a library field trip day to help them find sources. Not only has this seventh grade teacher helped her students with research papers for her class, she has taught them how to write research papers in general, which they will need to know for the years to come( at least the next 9 years). * Unit 2:Cognitive-Meta-cognition

Connection- Meta-cognition is the awareness of one's thinking or learning process. If a student wants to be a good learner, they must be aware of their meta-cognition. Believe it or not, a teacher can play a great role in assisting a student figuring how they learn best! Teachers can help students develop meta-cognition, by introducing them to different learning methods. Doing so will eventually lead the students to find which one works best for them. This is an important factor in effectively teaching since every child learns differently. In fact, I believe this is the most important aspect of being a good teacher, because how is someone supposed to learn the best to their ability unless they are shown all the possibilities of doing it first? An effective teacher teaches her students in the way it is the most effective for them to comprehend and remember.

Example- At the beginning of the school year, a teacher spends...
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