Behavioral Expectations

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Behavioral Expectations

The basis of a positive and effective learning environment are centered around the ideas of consistency, mutual respect, participation and trust. Without these values no classroom, work, or home environment can function at their true potential. As in any structured atmosphere, a classroom must have participation from its students in the procedures and routines set in place by their educator. It is equally as important for the educator to convey his or her expectations, rules, and consequences in-depth with their students in a way that provides their students with a feeling of trust and respect. From the moment a child arrives at school and meets their peers on the playground opportunities for learning have begun. Having set routines and behavioral expectations provide students with guidelines that increase their skills in everything from social skills to organizational skills that better prepare them for the years ahead.

When developing procedures for your own classroom an educator must consider each moment of the day, each menial day to day task as well as lesson plans and curriculum. Each time the students perform an in-class or out of class activity there is an opportunity to not only provide a standard procedure that assists in time management, but also to incorporate a number of other skills that the children can master. Two such in-class activities are reading groups and computer use. When students gather for a group reading activity there are many procedures the students must follow. Students must stand up from their seats, where they are seated in groups of four, and individually each group will be called to the designated reading area. Students are allowed to sit where they please as long as they follow the rules. To begin, a brief discussion of the title of the book will take place with the students and a question/answer session on what they think the book will be about. Students are free to chat with their friends and...
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