Emotional Influence on Learning

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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Week Three Assignment

PSY 370

July 8, 2012

Emotional Influence in Learning
As an educator, the number one goal is to empower each student with the best education possible. Each process helps the individual student to learn and builds a better emotional environment. Understanding how emotions impact learning, memory, attention, meaning, and knowing what part of the brain that triggers emotions help aid educators with building their classrooms for success. The end state is to better educate each child allowing them to become more productive and have a greater awareness of themselves. Western culture in the past has separated emotions from learning. It was believed that mind, body, and spirit were divided and each aspect could be taught separately. This has been proven wrong and there have been a lot of studies conducted to better explain how the processes work collectively. This can be easily assessed when reflecting on past accomplishments. When the correct state of mind and spirit is achieved, trust is built between teacher and student and builds a more conducive environment. “This kind of relationship encourages the children to be themselves, to be curious learners, to ask questions, investigate, open up to learning, enjoy being in class and express their feelings, concerns and points of view with no fear or hesitation” (Bahman, 2008, p.20). Having the ability to increase engagement between students allows the students to have a hunger for learning. This starts with how the educator is viewed and what type of atmosphere they impose in the classroom. While the students may not be always engaged during the process, the mind is never at rest. The students are always watching the teacher and during this time come up with their own assessment. “Children read our emotions through observing our body language before we say anything” (Bahman, 2008, p.21). If a negative appearance is given it is fed to the students. If the teacher...
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