Biblical Foundations

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Biblical Foundations Paper

Many people play a part in curriculum development and design in secular and non-secular school systems. This may include society, government, church, and family. Before developing a curriculum components are considered where educational questions are asked and answered with a probable cause in order to set goals and objectives from standards to make up the curriculum. Educators in both secular and non-secular schools have to decide what content is meaningful and purposeful for students to learn. Christian philosophy and worldview

Learning takes place through experience and individual study from both a teacher and a student. From a biblical prospective teaching and learning all points to God as the Creator and Sustainer of all reality. If planning with the purpose of applying biblical principles, educators should direct principles not only at the content being taught but also to the development of a biblical worldview of the students and the way they learn. In my opinion, God made all persons unique in their own special way so that they can contribute their special gifts, talents, experiences, and insights throughout society just as his son Jesus did. The bible makes it clear that God calls us to be a community in society which we all contribute our special gifts given to us (Van Brummelen, 2009). To teach means to take the lead in planning appropriate lessons catered to each individualized learning styles covering all contents in lessons by producing a variety of ways to capture the attention of students. Educators can use the appropriate tools to apply principles to essential questions, objectives, key learning activities, and classroom management strategies to determine whether lesson and unit plans lead towards the purpose that’s desire to achieve. Jesus captured the attention of many through his teachings because he taught like no other he was unique and reached people from their level of understanding through his...
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