Topics: Modesty, Trousers, High school Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: January 31, 2013

Dah’Vea Murphy
Ms. Chalmers
English 5-6
24th October 2012

Appealing the Dress Code
Dress codes are everywhere, so does that mean that students have a say in them. Dress code encourages a standard in behavior, dress grooming, and appearance that reflects pride in self, home and school. Schools enforce dress codes to try to stop gang affiliations. Districts take the dress code very seriously and will discipline if needed. Belleville West should ensue better dress code policies with certain limitations rather than having unconscionable regulations.

The students at Belleville West have no say in the dress code. No expression or voice, as if they do not matter in a sense. The U.S. holds freedom dear, so why are the students not showing it in the way they dress? Some of the world’s greatest minds expressed themselves not only through their articulation but also in their dress. The more students are able to express themselves the more receptive and open to new ways of learning. Humans are emotional creatures and feeling important to another

Murphy 2

makes us strive to do better. Some people like to be presentable in the way they dress, having a dress code restrains them.
Many students can not afford certain clothing. Teenagers are all about the latest trends and desire them. Some teens find it funny to antagonize others on how they dress. The economy is not at its best, so therefore many parents can not afford certain lifestyles. Children in high school have jobs but don’t have enough money to provide a steady income of what they need to survive. Parents bring home the “bacon”, so they decide what you can afford or not.

Dress code helps keep raunchy children dressed appropriately and modest. Boys and girls have hormones and can be easily distracted by the opposite sex. Some children where not taught morals, so dress code implies that into the lives of some immodest teens. Dress code revokes the need to be...
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