Planning and Enabling Learning

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Planning and Enabling Learning


This assignment will give a clear over view of the four main areas that have an impact on teaching and learning. I have researched the four key areas that have a profound influence on the way I teach: Negotiating with learners, Inclusive Learning, Functional skills and Communication.

Negotiating with Learners
Negotiating with our learners allows us as lecturers to ensure the learner is undertaking the correct course at the correct level and agreeing boundaries, goals and expectations. This allows for clear guidelines and an agreed direction for learning. This means that our learners enter into their education understanding their own goals and are motivated to achieve success. Having negotiated boundaries with our learners means that they have joint ownership of them and are more likely to adhere to the agreed rules as they have been previously agreed. This gives the learner the power to work to their own realistic goals, goals that can be achieved without putting the learner under pressure. It also gives the learner a sense of further achievement if they reach their agreed goal in a shorter space of time than originally agreed. The negotiation process starts at the initial assessment. Making sure that a clear understanding between lecturer and learner are agreed, in order for learning and development to take place. Before this can happen, as lecturers we need to first establish the level of education our students already have. This could be through Initial Assessment, their application form and evidence of their prior learning. Once we have established this base we are then in a better position to begin negotiating with our learners in terms of their motivations and goals for the future. Negotiating is agreement and compromise towards outcome. By negotiating with our learners we can agree goals, targets and actions regarding achievements, assignments and also behaviour. This is particularly important when...
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