Justified Deception

Topics: Lie, Deception, Suffering Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Justified Deception
Is deception justified? This question is a topic that many people have different views on. In my opinion, it is necessary to lie to other people. I also think that it is important to be an honest individual, but there are certain circumstances when lying is justified. Lying can often times save a lot of unnecessary hardship and trouble, but when used in the wrong circumstances, can cause trouble too. Take the President of the United States for example. If Obama told the American citizens everything that went on in the world the American citizens would over-react and cause a lot of un-needed panic. It is necessary that he hides these types of things from us in order to keep the peace in the country. It is important for him to know what to keep from the citizens and when to tell us about a problem if it escalates. For example, if a terrorist organization made a threat through an email or phone call, it would be important for the president to tell some people and take important safety measures just in case, but it would not be necessary to tell the American citizens. What if it was merely a hoax and nothing happens? If he did tell us then there would be a lot of panic and commotion over nothing. It is not good to deceive people over certain things however. If you are lying to protect others, then I think it is alright, but if you are lying to protect yourself, then in most cases it is bad. Take Bill Clinton for example. He lied to the American citizens and all trust for him was lost. This resulted in him losing his position of President. If he had not lied, or not done something that he needed to lie about in the first place, then he would have been alright. The president could also hide information from us until he knows the full truth. A good example of this would be the recent attack on the US Embassies, where he did not know all of the details and waited to tell the public until the investigations were completed. There are some times when...
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