Moral Compass

Topics: Lie, Truth, Morality Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Is it o.k to lie

Being raised in the Capitalist system based on competition, we were taught that it was fine to tell lie. Some argued that it was fine to lie when it is a death and live matter, others may argue that it is o.k to lie if it doesn't hurt any one. On my personal level, I don't feel it is morally comfortable to lie to anyone. Because of the society we live in is filled with lies and mistrust doesn't mean we, as the newest generation should learn to lie. Instead, I want to live in a lie free life.

White lies, defined as one told someone for not hurting another's feeling was most acceptable lies among all. However, how many of us have actually face the life threatening events that need us to decide to lie, or how many of us were the superheros who was faced to lie for saving the public safety. Hardly any of us would have face these situation. It is these "it's o.k" situation that presented to us that made us to think lying as a common thing, and later second nature.

It was hard to imagine a society, with all the words and gestures that can never be counted on. Questions asked, answers given, information changed, and the truthfulness is counted zero, it was worthless to express all these words. There must cause minimal trust in communication and a lot of stabs in the back because of the false information given. This is why the level of truthfulness was so important in the society or otherwise, no one can accomplish anything.

Furthermore, taken the lying into a personal level. There were stories told, morals taught and examples set that we should not lie. Lying makes people look bad and when people end up telling the truth no one believes then. If a person lie almost all the time the person would get caught in the lie he told and never got away with the lies. People respect honest people more than liars. As the karma rule goes, what you did always come back.

Overall, it's not worth risking to lie than to tell the truth, people would feel...
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