Way We Lie

Topics: Lie, Debut albums, Deception Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Quintarius Oliver
October 16, 2012
Freshman Composition/ Professor Tompkins
“The Way We Lie” Stephanie Ericsson

First off let me start of by saying that we lie. We all do. We exaggerate, we leave out things, we avoid confrontation, we try to be inconsideration of other people feelings, we conveniently forget some aspects of the truth and even keep secrets. Like most people, I find myself in situations of small falsehoods and still think of my self of an honest person. Sure I lie, but it’s not really bothering anyone or anything. One time I tried going a couple of days without telling a lie, and it was devastating. I noticed that telling the truth all the time is very impossible. Telling the truth comes with some serious consequences: Bank of America charges me 50 dollars fee for going over my limit, lost my best friend because I told her how I truly feel, and I received a failing grade for telling my teacher I didn’t feel like being on time to class today. Basically there must be some type of merit to not telling the truth. So, if I justify lying, what truly makes me any different from deceiving politicians or businesses robbing the industry? All of the different types of lies are essentially the same no matter how you hedge or make it different. Another lie that bothers me is leaving out bit of the truth, making the story a bit confusing or hard to believe. Kind of like an out-and-out lie and white, basically covering up your own or other sake by leaving out information. One time, there was a rumor going around town that I got a girl pregnant and that the baby was mines. Come to find out that the girl that was pregnant told her mom that it was me she was hanging with the night she got banged up. The girl was with me that night but she was also with one of the town’s basketball prospect, who was going to Kentucky the following year. I’m assuming that she wanted to cover his name, totally leaving his name out of the story making it...
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