Junie B. Jones

Topics: Junie B. Jones, Kimberley Locke, Christmas Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Book Report

Title: Junie B. First Grader Jingle Bells Batman Smells
Author: Barbara Park
Illustrator: Denise Brunkus

Summary: This book is about a girl names Junie B. Jones who always write in her journal when she’s lonely or mad or sad. Every time she misbehave she always get in trouble because may always tattle on Junie B. Jones. The class is doing a lot of happy things to celebrate things for Christmas. There going to wear elf costumes because they have to sing jingle bells in the auditorium. Junie B. Jones sang the wrong lyrics to be funny. She sang jingle bells batman smells, robin laid an egg, bat mobile lost his wheel, and joker got away. Everybody laughed at that. I thought it was funny.

Junie B. Jones is doing a secret Santa. She gets the last name in the bag and the name was May. She hated May but she had to get a present for May or else she wouldn’t get a present from her secret Santa. Mr. Scary told Junie B. Jones is counting on her to get a present. Junie B.Jones changed her mind and said she going to get her secret Santa a gift. They all went to the holiday shop so they can see what they can get for there secret Santa’s. May told Junie B. Jones that it is nicer to give then to receive. Junie B. Jones didn’t listen to May because she was going to get everybody in her family a gift for Christmas. Everybody thought that Lucille burped. It was actually just a toy called the squeeze a burp. Everybody started to laugh.

Junie B. Jones asked her great grand Miller for five more dollars for the squeeze a burp. Her grand Miller said no because she gave her five dollars already. Junie B. Jones started to cry and she got the five dollars. I think that grand Miller should have never gave Junie B. Jones the five dollars even if she cried.

The next day Junie B. Jones went to the holiday shop to get there secret Santa’s gift. Junie B. Jones bought the squeeze a burp. She was going to give May Coal for her gift. She wanted May to have the worst gift...
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