Outsiders: Bankruptcy in the United States and Bit Shows Pony

Topics: Bankruptcy in the United States, United States bankruptcy law, English-language films Pages: 4 (1513 words) Published: May 27, 2013
The Outsiders Chapter Notes

Chapter 1
Ponyboy, a “Greaser” is walking home alone from the movies when he gets jumped by a gang of “Socs” (Soshes). His two brothers and friends from his gang save him. The rest of the chapter introduces us to the main characters and the different social classes; the “Greaser” and the “Socs”

Chapter 2
Dally and Pony decides to go to a drive-in movie. Dally sees a couple of Soc girls alone and goes to sit by them. He is very loud and obnoxious towards them. Their friend Johnny comes by and tells Dally to leave them alone, so does Ponyboy. The girls are grateful to Johnny and Ponyboy and ask them to come down and sit by them. One of the girls is a cheerleader named Cherry. She and Ponyboy go to get some popcorn and Pony tells Cherry how Johnny got beat up by a group of Socs not too long ago. Cherry tells him that not all Socs are like that, that they have real problems too.

Chapter 3
Their friend Two-Bit comes along and then they offer to get the two girls home. On the way to Two-Bit’s house to get his car they talk about how they aren’t so different. While talking a Blue Mustang pulls up with Cherry’s boyfriend Bob. They threaten Pony, Two-Bit and Johnny. Cherry doesn’t like fighting and tells them she will get in the car with them if they stop. When Pony gets home it is really late and Darry is really mad at him, he slaps Pony. Pony tells him he is running away and leaves the house. He goes back to the Park where Johnny is and hangs out. He realizes how cold he is and decides he wants to go back home.

Chapter 4
Pony is just about to leave the Park and go back home when the Blue Mustang pulls up with the Soc boys. They get out of the car and are very drunk. Johnny is scared! The Socs grab Pony and shove his head in the water of a fountain and held him there. He is sure he is going to drown. Suddenly he is released and then passes out. When he comes to he sees Johnny there standing over a dead Soc, Bob. Johnny stabbed...
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