Farewell to Manzanar Q&a

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Farewell to Manzanar

Question Chapters 1-22

What did Papa do the night he heard the news?
The night Papa heard the news he burned the flag from Hiroshima, papers, documents, and anything that would show a connection or relation with Japan.

What happened to Papa two weeks later, and how did he react? Later on, papa was arrested by the FBI. He maintained his dignity and led the agents out of his house without causing any type of chaos or problems.

Why did Mama break all of the plates?
Mama has to sell her china because it is too big to fit in Woody’s car. When a secondhand dealer offers only fifteen dollars for the china, she feels offended and insulted, and she angrily smashes the entire set in front of him.

What happened to the Wakatsuki family?
After her father’s arrest, Jeanne, her mother, and the rest of the family are rounded up and are shipped out to Manzanar, a detention camp in Owens’s Valley in California.

What is Jeanne’s observation of how Mama coped with using the latrines? It was a humiliation that Mama had a hart time but never got used to it. She cooperated to survive but she still tried to keep her personal privacy.

What happened in the mess halls that changed the families? Why did this happen? In the mess halls they stopped eating as a family. Granny, the children, everyone went their own way. At a certain point the family became completely disintegrated.

How does Jeanne as an adult see the cane that Papa brought back with him from Fort Lincoln? She sees the cane as “a sad, homemade version of the samurai sword his grandfather carried in the land around Hiroshima.”

What job did Papa have at Fort Lincoln? Why did he have that job? He was an interviewer for the Justice Department because he had the advantage to know and speak Japanese and English.

The interrogator asked Papa what he thought of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. What was Papa’s response? Papa said he was sad for both countries; that the bombing and war were the things that occurred when military men were in control. He basically justified it by saying it was a military tactic.

Summarize the scene in Chapter 8 where Papa attacked Mama. Explain why this attack was different from previous ones. When Papa attacked Mama he was drunk when Jeanne and Mama returned to the barracks one evening. He yelled at Mama for disturbing him, not bringing his food on time, and bringing too much cabbage and not enough rice. He threatened to kill her with his cane and she told him to go ahead. At that point Kiyo intervened and stopped Papa by punching him in the face. To Jeanne it was horrible to see her family and Papa in that situation. Everything had gone out of control.

Describe the riot. Include the causes, results, and the name of the leader. The day after Fred was beaten, three men were found, and one was sent to the county jail. This man had been trying to organize a Kitchen Workers’ Union in the camp. The beating and arrest caused a riot. The leader of the riot was Joe Kurihara. He demanded that the cook be brought back to the camp, and the authorities let him. Later that same day, part of the mob went to the hospital to kill Fred Tayama. Some of the men went after others they thought were sympathizers. The part of the mob that went to the police station after the cook met up with the military police while they were still inside the camp. A fight started, and the MPs fired weapons and threw tear gas bombs. The actions ended the riot, however, many were killed and many more were injured.

Describe the events that took place in the reservoir shack.
Kaz, was the foreman of the reservoir maintenance detail. The men on this crew were the only ones allowed outside the camp the night the riot occurred. While the men were in the shack some MPs burst in. They held the crew under armed guard until they were sure that the men were allowed out of the camp.

How does Jeanne describe the results of the Loyalty Oath?...
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