Julius Caesar Concession Essay

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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Julius Caesar Concession Essay

Marcus Brutus was a noble man. He was loyal to himself and never did anything wrong without believing that what he was doing was right. Even though killing Julius Caesar was wicked and evil, when he did it, he had all the right intentions. Up to his very last breath, he thought that he was saving the people of Rome from an unjust ruler. He never wanted anything bad to come from it. He thought that he could bring peace to Rome

Marcus Brutus, however, was very easily deceived. As long as someone told him that doing something would bring good, he would do it. This allowed Cassius to quite easily trick Marcus Brutus into doing what he wanted him to do. And being as sneaky as Cassius was he was able to pretty easily blame it on Marcus Brutus. The fact that he could be so easily tricked made him a prime target for Cassius to do the dirty work and share the blame.

It can be argues that since he was so easily manipulated that you can’t really tell how good of a person he was. But since his intentions were so noble, that he was a truly honest, noble man. Unlike the other conspirators who chose to take place in the assassination of Caesar, Marcus Brutus did it to help his people. All of the others only took place in the assassination due to jealousy and dissatisfaction. And for Marcus Brutus, it was a big sacrifice to him as well, seeing that he and Caesar were good friends. And that that proves just how noble his intentions were. That he would kill his own friend if it meant that others could be safe. Even his enemies (Mark Antony and Octavius Caesar) respected him for the honest man that they knew that he was. He did evil things, that that did not make him an evil man. It’s like the old saying: “It’s the thought that counts”

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