Julius Caesar Essay

Topics: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Analysis Essay
In Act one, Brutus remains very serious. He claims he is at war with himself when Cassius asks him what is wrong, and tells him not to worry. One of Brutus’s fears is that Caesar will become king, which makes Cassius happy to hear. Cassius then tries to persuade him to help remove this possibility, but Brutus refuses. Brutus decides against Cassius’ offer. Brutus seems somewhat strong in his opinion in act one. But he also seems quite vulnerable at the same time. If he gets the right kind of persuasion he will most likely give in. His main concern is for the people of Rome, which Cassius knows very well. The main reason why Brutus does not want to overthrow Julius is because the people of Rome do not want this to happen. In Act two Brutus decides that Caesar must be killed. His reasoning for this is that Caesar is abusing his power and has ascended too quickly. He thinks this because he has received letters from Rome that are against Caesar being crowned king. But what Brutus doesn’t know, is that these letters have been forged. His only care is for Rome to be happy, and he thinks he is helping them out by joining the conspiracy. At 3 in the morning on the ides of March, Brutus invites all of the conspirators to his home to come up with a plan. Brutus loves his wife Portia, but he has been very stressed lately and has had his mind on other things. Brutus is a very vain man, although he does not present himself this way. Cassius compares Brutus’s name to Caesar and tells Brutus he has the best qualities. His meaning now is to fulfill his desire for power, which reveals his flaw. And his motives are not for all the right reasons. Act three: Brutus is a great man, but has been a fool to be so easily persuaded. He has completely destroyed his loyalty to Caesar. When Caesar is at the senate, all of the conspirators suspiciously become very close to him and will not leave his side. Brutus is the last man to stab Caesar....
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