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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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For Thousands of years of intense persecution Judaism has survived. How is Judaism defined and what does it mean? How does one Become a Jew, or, what makes one a Jew? How has this group of Individuals survived through all these years? These questions may not Although have finite answers, what follows are my opinions.

Judaism is a monotheistic religion, Which Believes In a single creator, Which created everything in the world, and That everything has a purpose and a meaning. It is a religion developed by ancient Hebrews many years ago and arguably the first monotheistic religion. They Believed in one God who chose to watch over and protect them.

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They Also Believed religious rituals and the ethical treatment of fellow humans, Which leads to the Ten Commandments. Also Judaism can be defined as the Ten Commandments. When They accepted the commandments from God They took an oath to follow its code and laws. Defining Judaism is a hard task and I believe it's significant or That definition has multiple meanings.

The Jewish people are not Considered to race, nor do they share the same ancestral background, making the question of what makes one a Jew a hard question to answer. Jews can be black, white, Hispanic, or any other race That lives all over the world. There are many Reasons why one might chose to become Jewish. One Might Be Involved in a Relationship with someone who is Jewish and wants to join the family religiously. Others Could be on a spiritual path leading them to convert to Judaism. Some are just born into the world as a Jew. Although I'm not sure what the answer is to what makes one a Jew, I think it comes down to each single and his or her belief in the Judaism traditions.

Judaism has been around for Thousands of Years Because They Believe That All people of all religions are children of God, and THEREFORE equal before God. They have been tortured, exiled, and kicked out of almost everywhere...
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