Compare and Contrast Zoroastrianism and Judaism

Topics: Zoroastrianism, God, Judaism Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: June 22, 2011
Kegela Landfair
June 15,2011
History 101-01

Why is the beliefs of each ancient groups so important? It is important because most groups didn’t believe in the same thing. The distinguish differences between the two are that Judaism is the religious belief of the Jews, while Zoroastrianism is the older religion of the Iranian people better known as the Persians and Medes. The two religions correspond in some respects with the take to be to their cosmological ideas.

Judaism, a monotheistic religion which derived from the Hebrews. The Hebrews believed that God was their original guardian. Judaism also has a sanctum book called the Torah. The Torah which is a godly book of laws and events in Jewish chronicle. The Jews cogitated that God gave them the Ten Commandments soundly to Moses. As for the Zoroastrianism religion, they are a rejection of the old Persian Gods. In this temple the single, sapient, attending, and almighty god, Ahura Mazda, ruled and created the universe. His assistance spirits, the Ahura, battled against the god of evil, Ahriman or Angra Mainyu and the daevas. That made the Zoroastrianism, the religion of Zoroaster. Most religious historians believe the Jewish, Christian and Muslim beliefs concerning God and Satan, the soul, heaven and hell, the virgin birth of the savior, slaughter of the innocents, resurrection, the final judgment, etc. were all derived from Zoroastrianism(://

These two religions are similar in many ways. They believed that their gods was universal and very inspiring. They worshipped their gods through good and bad times. The Persians brought forward the thought of a pure, passion, general god—Ahura mazda aside any more name, whose mortal bearing and deliverer was the baron of kings, the baron of the Persian Empire. Spentas became angels and divas turned into devils. Their tribal god became a universal God but one which...
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