Journey to Success

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Ryan N. Fischer
ID 117 Art of Being Human
Education Plan Reflection
After completing and filling out my educational plan I have thoroughly organized the classes that I must take in order to receive my degree in Media Studies Bachelor of Arts. The educational plan helped me organize my schedule for future semesters, which makes selecting classes a whole lot easier. God forbid if I missed an appointment for creating my future schedule with my advisor, I can now have a general platform and idea of what requirements I need to take without getting extra assistance. Creating a schedule can be very stressful for me personally and knowing what I need to take makes my future a little bit more understanding and clear. Last, it showed exactly when I can receive my degree in the future, which is very helpful for formulating future goals for myself. I personally love to strive for goals and motivate myself to complete my future goals. Knowing when I can receive my degree just helps me plan better for the future and create long-term goals. The educational plan was a great way to organize my future classes and study requirements. I feel more understanding of what steps I need to take next in order to receive my degree. As well as feeling secure with my future requirements and goals, I feel very confident and excited to start my journey in order to receive the one thing that I want. The one thing that I want of course is my degree in Media Studies and I am motivated to start the next courses starting next semester in the fall of 2013.
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