Story of Success

Topics: Gambling, Poverty, Colombia Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Sergio Toro
Story of Success
One day Jack an immigrant from the country of Colombia decided to go the park for a walk, when he found somebody who spoke his native language. They clicked right away and spoke for hours about their past and how they ended up in another country. Saumet told Jack his ultimate goal was to become rich and famous and, was willing to do anything to get there. But Jack told him it was almost impossible because he barely spoke English and it was not easy to get rich during these times.

Jack told saumet all about how he got his wealth and how to do it and saumet listened carefully. As the days went by saumet started learning how to gamble with what little he had and eventually had gained an extensive amount. Jack was very surprised because he thought Saumet would never get there. As months passed by Saumet almost triple what he had and Jack was still at the same point when they met. Jack had gained a good amount and was happy with what he had.

After one year of knowing each other Saumet had reached his goal of being rich and famous. He would tell Jack all his stories about what he had bought with the money, private airplanes, boats, penthouses, luxuary cars and Jack was very happy he had made it to that point. But Saumet was a cheater in the game and that would eventually lead to his fall. As he gained more popularity he had more enemies because he was gaining a lot of money and people were asking themselves how he had gained it all.

One afternoon when Saumet had started his daily games, the casino owner had heard about him and decided to pay close attention as he was already known for being a very smart cheater. But Saumet was not lucky this time. The casino owner caught him and immediately took him in a secret room in the back and shot him 6 times. It was the end of Saumet. When Jack found out he ran everywhere looking for him as he did not believe what had happened, he was devastated.

But Saumet had left a letter where Jack...
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