One Million Pound Bank Note

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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One Million Pound Note

'The Million Pound Bank Note' is a short story that Mark Twain published. 'The Million Pound Bank Note' in London and United States. The story begins with Henry Adams. Henry is an American who is swept out to sea on a Saturday sail near San Francisco, and is picked up by London. He arrives in London without food or shelter. Brother Abel and Brother Gordon  are two very wealthy and odd brothers who wonder what would happen if they gave the hungry, poor stranger a million pound bank note.

 Henry is given an envelope with the banknote and a letter that explains the terms of the bet. He realizes just how much money is in there when he tries to pay for a meal, and the restaurant can't give him change . But it doesn't matter - there is respect to this banknote, and Henry is given a pass by the restaurant. Henry attempts to return the banknote to the two brothers, made a mistake. But he is told that the brothers have just left for a month and that, there is no mistake. After finally reading the enclosed letter, Henry decides to keep the banknote for thirty days and help Brother Gordon win the bet. If he does this, Henry has been promised a job and a salary at the end of the month.  Henry earns respect and admiring because he is the one who own this banknote. He gets a suit for free because it i he is a rich, rich man. The restaurant where Henry ate becomes famous. He meets the American ambassador and is invited to a fancy dinner party at his house. This dinner party is important because it is where Henry meets his love, a girl named Portia. He also meets an American friend, Lloyd Hastings. Henry is thinking about Portia the entire time and listening to Lloyd talk about his difficulties . Finally, Henry is able to concentrate on Lloyd and his issues. Lloyd asks for help. Henry decides to help both himself and Lloyd. They agree if anything were to sell they were spilt the earnings. Henry decides to help both himself and Lloyd. Henry...
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