Josef Mengele

Topics: Josef Mengele, Schutzstaffel, Adolf Eichmann Pages: 7 (2471 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Informational Outline
Topic: Josef Mengele
General Purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To inform the audience about Josef Mengele, a doctor in Auschwitz and a psychological quandary. Thesis: From his early life to his insane experiments, Josef Mengele is a perfect model of the evils humans are capable of.

I. Introduction
a. Attention Getter: Josef Mengele, Angel of Death, the man that ordered the death of around 1.6 million people. Men, women, old, or young, no one was an exception. At the point of a finger they were sent to the gas chambers. Prisoners learned quickly that he was someone whose orders were to be followed without argument. Names such as Lord of Life and Death, Dr. Auschwitz and even God were commonly used by prisoners to describe this man, the man that will decide your fate with a swift point of a finger, whether that be death or possibly worse. b. Reason to listen: It is important to learn about the crimes against humanity committed in the Second World War by Nazi Germany in order to understand the importance of never allowing this to happen again. c. Thesis Statement: From his early life to his insane experiments, Josef Mengele is the epitome of evil. d. Preview of Main Points:

i. First I will tell you about Mengele’s life prior to Auschwitz. ii. Second I will tell you about Mengele’s life during his time at Auschwitz and his interest in twins. iii. Lastly, I will tell you about a few of the experiments Mengele conducted in his time at Auschwitz. II. From his innocent beginnings to the monster he became through his work in Auschwitz, Josef Mengele was an intelligent man that went mad with the power he was given. e. Josef Mengele’s life growing up prepared him for the cruelty that would consume him during his time as an SS doctor in Auschwitz. iv. Though difficult to imagine, Josef Mengele was, for a very small portion of his life, an innocent child, completely unaware of the evils his life would soon be filled with. 1. While growing up, his parents were often away, tending to the family business. 2. Early in his life he expressed his desire to stand out from his family members and become successful on his own, away from the family business. 3. As a young man he was intelligent and charming; even considered popular in his village. 4. Mengele was an excellent student, his favorite subject being anthropology, which is the study of the origin, development and behavior of humankind. v. His studies before Auschwitz were applicable to his studies during his time in Auschwitz 5. His main studies were Genetics and Physical Anthropology. Physical Anthropology is the branch of anthropology that studies the physical development of the human species. 6. A student who knew him during his time in University says that during his time in University, there were no signs that Mengele would become capable of the savage acts he would commit later on in life. 7. Writers Gerald Posner and John Ware suspect Mengele’s mind was corrupted by “a combination of the pro-Nazi political climate and that his real interest in genetics and evolution happened to coincide with the developing concept that some human beings afflicted by disorders were unfit to reproduce, even to live.” 8. Eventually he came to Frankfurt Institute of Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene where he worked under Otmar von Verschuer vi. Due to this position, Mengele had several options for future careers. 9. Verschuer wrote him a letter of recommendation, praising his reliability, combined background in anthropology and medicine and ability to present challenging intellectual problems clearly. 10. Mengele originally planned to have an academic career, however when his research and the visions of Nazi Germany collided, Mengele decided on joining the...
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