Angel of Death Dr.Josef Mengele

Topics: Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, Auschwitz concentration camp Pages: 5 (2012 words) Published: April 14, 2012
During world war two, the holocaust affected millions of lives, especially those of the twins and the children at Auschwitz, who were brutally experimented on with no pan management while under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Mengele. Many died and the rest lived the rest of their lives with severe medical problems. Dr. Mengele was not a simple creature though. The creation of the Nazi angel of death began as a child in a cold distant family, and gradually evolved with his enrolling into college, joining of his political party and the military. Both of which were vital for his desire to perform his twisted experiments. Experiments that were so cruel and brutal he was forced to flee Germany after the war for fear of being put to death himself. What Joseph Mengele did at Auschwitz left his victims scarred both mentally and physically for the rest of their lives. Dr. Joseph Mengele was born to Karl and Walburga Mengele in the Bavarian village of Gunzburg. He was the eldest of three children his two brothers were Alois and Karl Jr. life at home was not a gentle loving embrace by any means. From all accounts Karl Mengele was a harsh and distant man. One who's main concern in life was the pursuit of his fortune. Karl owned a factory that manufactured farm equipment. He was never home for he was so preoccupied with work. All this left Walburga with the children and she ruled her home with a cold iron fist, the boys were not allowed and form of pleasure at all they led strict Roman Catholic lives just as their parents did, days filled with hard labor and prayer.(Posner & Ware).

This cold and emotionally withdrawn life at home is most likely what caused young joseph to defy his father’s wishes of taking over the family business to enroll in college at the University of Frankfurt. Although not an especially outstanding student as far as academics or his marks in school, he was considered to be a bright young man and a very punctual student. It was in the subjects of medicine and the arts of healing that joseph found he infatuated with. But also he held a great interest in eugenics and genetics, specifically genes that caused human deformities and ‘imperfections’. It was also at this time that he became involved with the idea of the unworthy life 1934 he was awarded a Ph.D. for his thesis ‘racial morphological research on the lower jaw sections of four racial groups. By 1935 Josef had already delved deep in to the world of politics and the military intrigue of the day. In 1937 he was recommended for and received a position at the third Reich institute for heredity, biology and racial purity in Frankfurt. Here he met the man who would become his mentor, surrogate father and the one who would be the inspiration for his most vile acts professor Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer. (Astor).

By 1938 Josef, twenty-eight years of age, at the time held positions of enormous power within the Nazi party but that year it all changed when he joined the Waffen SS. Hitler’s elite killing squad, and with his joining of the Waffen SS he was assigned to be the head of Auschwitz the German hell. Mengele quickly made his blood lust apparent when he ordered one thousand gypsies gassed the day after he arrived. But above all his favorite job at Auschwitz was the sorting of the new arrivals. He would be at the train every day in hand tailored freshly pressed uniforms and the while gloves that he would become infamous for. He would walk down the line as the inmates were herded off the cattle cars and with his riding crop he would direct them right or left. Those who were sent to the right were to be put to death immediately. The ones sent to the left were to be made to do slave labor and be animals for the doctor’s experiments. His favorites were the children, especially the twins. Mengele regarded twins higher than all others. The other officers who would aid Mengele in the sorting were given special orders to search for twins. They were even...
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