The Holocaust & How It Changed the World Forever

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Germany Pages: 5 (1821 words) Published: November 20, 2011
The Holocaust & How It Changed Our World Forever

The tragic events that occurred during world war two and the holocaust were not only horrific but also morally wrong. The Jewish culture was targeted for mass genocide, by the hand of a mad-man bent on world domination, and the only way to prevent another incident like this from happening again, is to thoroughly educate the public. The actions and events that Hitler and his followers proposed not only helped the world realize the extent of his destruction but also how horrible it would be if the events were to happen again. The aftermath of the war and holocaust left half of Europe in ruins, and more than six million Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, and Africans dead, not including the numbers of soldiers from all sides who died in the battlefield. Hitler was first appointed Chancellor of Germany on January 30th 1933, on February 28th that year, Hitler was granted emergency powers as a result of the Nazis, unknown at the time, burning the Reichstag building as an apparent coupe the day prior. On March 24th the German parliament gave Hitler dictatorial powers under the “Enabling Act.” Hitler became the Führer on August 2nd 1934, after the German president died. Nazi occupied Germany lead the way to enforce Hitler’s rule and reign over the country and instilled fear and love by his people. Hitler’s rise to power was unknown or cared by the civilizations around him but paved the way for the hold it would soon have over the entire world. April 11th, 1933, The Nazis issue a Decree defining a non-Aryan, the Aryan belief was that only Caucasian, blonde hair, blue eyed, and rich history of catholic or Christian heritage was the supreme human race, and Hitler was determined to rid the world of any non-Aryan infesters, any the Jewish were especially non-Aryan. Following this Decree, the Jewish population soon began losing all of their rights and privileges. On April 1st 1933, the Nazis begin staging boycotts of Jewish shops and businesses, which forces many businesses to close down or abandon their ownership. In the months ahead, they soon lost their citizenship, the right from owning land or being newspaper editors, and they were banned from the national health insurance. On March 22nd 1933 the Nazis open four concentration camps. Dachau was located near Munich, Buchenwald near Weimar, which is in central Germany, Sachsenhausen near Berlin, and Ravensbrück, also in Berlin however designed for women. The concentration camps were not designed with the sole purpose to house and murder Jews; they were designed to rid the world of non-Aryan and the plagues of society. On November 24th 1933, the Nazis passed a law that would require beggars, the homeless, alcoholics, and the unemployed be transferred to concentration camps. With the birth of the Gestapo on April 26th, 1933; Hitler was able to destroy any opposition within Germany or surrounding areas. The Gestapo was the Nazi secret police that did constant surveillance, monitoring and even infiltration to any person, place, or organization that threatened Hitler. Three years later the Gestapo was determined to be above the law and could use any and every measure necessary to protect Hitler and Germany. Hitler soon used the potential of the Gestapo to hunt down and gather up all non-Aryan races and forced shipped them to concentration camps. On September 3rd 1939, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany, however by this time; Hitler has already been in power for over five years, creating his armies, building his empire, forcing Jew’s out of Germany, and his process of ridding the world of non-Aryans. With the SS, Gestapo, and German Army moving through Europe, Jews were fleeing. If Jews were caught, they were transferred into Germany. At first, the Nazis move them into ghettos, but they soon became over populated. Then they transferred them in large numbers to concentration camps. However, the concentration camps...
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