Holocaust: Nazi Germany and Allied Forces

Topics: Nazi Germany, Germany, The Holocaust Pages: 8 (3120 words) Published: December 13, 2012
William Jiang
Ms. Stanfield
English 9B Period 4
9 March 2011
Man’s Inhumanity to Man: The Holocaust Story
Humans are instinctively hungry for power. During the Holocaust, Hitler portrayed this natural human quality the best. The Holocaust is a very good and prime example of man’s inhumanity to man because Hitler created the Hitler Youth program, the Nazis targeted the Jews, and people all over the world formed resistances against them. The Holocaust was a horrible event that should have never happened and will always appear that way no matter which angle you look at it from. It will forever brand its name in history.

Adolf Hitler created the Hitler Youth program in 1922. That year, a whole new reign of darkness started and evil started. Hitler just kept blasting his ideas into their heads, and as little children, they could do very little to resist. Hitler had just found a whole new source of evil in the form of children. According to Susan Bartoletti, “Many kids in Hitler Youth thought that Hitler was their savior” (Bartoletti, #). Hitler definitely had a major power issue. He always had to be in control; he had this uncontrollable need to make people think of him as a god. Susan Bartoletti also said, “Most of the kids hated the Allied forces. Some of them [kids in the Hitler Youth] even became neo-Nazis” (---, #). Hitler wanted to make sure that when he disappeared, someone could still carry out his plans. This is Hitler’s fail-safe plan. The Hitler Youth was a terrible program that was created just to feed Hitler’s crazy power issues and as a fail-safe.

People will never forget the Hitler Youth, the program that drove Germany into a whole new state of darkness. Susan Bartoletti stated, “It took decades for the kids in Hitler Youth to get all of the indoctrination of Nazism out of their minds and hearts” (---, #). Hitler wanted this program to border on brainwashing, in fact in a sense, it pretty much was brainwashing. There is a good possibility that he was using the program to find a successor. Susan followed that up with: A lot of the older Hitler Youth joined the Wehrmacht at the end of the war and continued to fight the allied forces. When the allied forces found 12-year old boys shooting at them, they were amazed. They were very reluctant to shoot back since they did not want to kill kids (---, #). Theoretically, with this program, Hitler had an unlimited supply of new recruits to join his effort in the war. Hitler might have known that the allied forces would be reluctant, because if they stopped fighting then Hitler wins. Hitler Youth contaminated all of Germany’s youth. If Hitler controls the youth of Germany, he controls the future.

Hitler Youth is a big reason why the war lasted so long, Hitler had so much support. Ted Gottfried said himself in his report, “Hitler had every single member of the Hitler Youth program recite a ‘prayer’ dedicated to him” (Gottfried). Hitler wanted all of the kids to see him as their one and only god. He was so full of himself. Ted Gottfried went further and stated, Hitler had a group of Hitler Youth kids join a unit called Werewolf. There, boys and girls were trained to be spies and commit acts of espionage for the Nazis (---). Hitler was so low that he even recruited such young kids to risk their young lives so that he could save himself. Hitler believed that kids were expendable and he could use them as he chose. He was a demon that only cared about himself and never cared about anyone who got hurt. Hitler Youth definitely showed man’s inhumanity against man.

When the Nazis and Hitler were targeting the Jewish people, religion was a huge part of it. Kevin Madigan, in his report, told everybody, Hitler wanted to persecute all of the Jewish population whether or not they were practicing Judaism (Madigan). The Nazis wanted everyone to be the same. They wanted a world where there was no diversity what so ever. Hitler and the Nazis were...
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