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The Holocaust by William Heuvel Questions

Directions: Answer the following questions alone and with complete sentences.

What are complaints that some people make about America and FDR about the Holocaust? That why didn't the Allies just bomb the railways that fed the concentration camps and why didn't the US let St. Louis port in America when Cuba wouldn't allow them to. Roosevelt had done a lot to facilitate the emigration of Jews.

In 1933, 37,000 Jews fled Germany, but 16,000 returned in the next year. Why did these Jews return to Germany while the Nuremberg Laws were in effect? Every Jewish group affirmed the right of Jews to be German, to live in and love their country. They affirmed the legal right, the moral necessity, and the religious imparitive or not surrendering to their prosecutors.

How did Kristallnacht change the situation dramatically?
The Kristallnacht was a series of coordinated attacks against the Jewish. A German diplomat was assassinated by and 17 year old Jew whose father was expelled from Germany. The police did nothing to contain the violence.

What are some things that FDR did to help Jews in the 1930’s? Roosevelt allowed a greater number of visas to be issued for immigrants, which accepted twice as many Jewish refugees. He extended their visas so they wouldn't have to return.

Was it easier for Jews to immigrate to other countries? If so, who? The deepening depression encouraged an unusual coalition of liberal and co derivative forces, labor unions and business leaders, to oppose any enlargement of immigration quotas. Only certain countries allowed a certain amount of immigrants per year. Behind the US, Great Britain and Germany had the highest quotas.

How many Jews immigrated to the United States in relation to the rest of the world? 35 percent of all immigrants to America under quota guidelines were Jewish. After Kristallnacht, more than half of all immigrants over all admitted...
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