Holocaust Argument Paper

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March 16, 2013

The Holocaust Dilemma
The Holocaust created many broken hearts and hardships that have left the world with a great scar in their history. This terrible event that occurred during WWII in Jewish concentration camps should not be taken lightly when speaking of it. Many scientists believe that good information came about of the Holocaust and although this can be accurate it is wrong to consider using information that was collected through pain, murders, injustices, and inhumane acts of cruelty to Jewish men, women, and children.

Heavy experimentation was conducted on unwilling patients in concentration camps during World War II. Experiments on hypothermia, hemorrhage, altitude sickness, air pollution, etc. were conducted on innocent Jewish people with the pretext that Jewish lives were nonetheless already condemned. Much information was obtained through this heavy experimentation thus many doctors and scientist today claim that this information should be used due to the accuracy of human testing compared to animal testing. Lives can be saved with this information; hence the lives of the murdered Jews will not be left in vain.

There have been cases where Nazi data could have been relevant and justified to use because of multiple medical advances. Take the chilling/ freezing bodies experiments for consideration; Doctor John Hayward, a Biology Professor at the Victoria University in Vancouver, Canada conducted freezing experiments on willing candidates; however, he did not let the body temperature of his patients drop under 36 degrees. According to Peter Tyson in “The Experiments,” Hayward tested many methods to find the most efficient and fastest way to rewarm the frozen body. Although he ethically conducted these experiments, they were not nearly as valuable as the experiments compared to the tests conducted by the Nazis in Dachau because they immersed victims in lower temperatures.

The Environmental...
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